Where our food comes from?

Here we tell you where the good incredients come from.

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Edgar Reppanen – Wild herb and mushroom forager, painter

I go by the name Edgar ”VonHerring” Reppanen. For Grön I forage mainly wild herbs but sometimes also mushrooms. One can also see my art on the wall of Grön. I create paintings by using the fish I’ve caught as “stamps”. Ever since I was young I have been into nature and spending time fishing, foraging and berry-picking. I started to concentrate on wild herbs when working with a high-class “wild herb guru”, Jouni Toivanen. Since those days my passion for wild herbs has been growing even more when discovering new areas and species. Also the aspect of picking wild herbs sustainably and getting to know where they are naturally occurring, have kept me motivated. As a way of minimizing my personal carbon footprint I forage and deliver by bike. I know Lauri and Toni by our shared profession. Toni I met when doing my apprentice at Luomo. With Lauri we worked together at Kuurna. Since the first days of co-working we’ve got along very well, both with Toni and Lauri.

Anna Kantanen – Ceramist

I am a Helsinki-based product designer concentrating mostly on utilities and small
decorative home objects. I designed and did the plates to Grön for starters, mains and
desserts. I am interested in everyday life and the fact that it tends to be something blunt and glamourless. As a designer I want to change this perception by bringing beauty to people’s lives in a more concrete and broader way than a festive cutlery set. The base for my designs comes from culinary and cooking – the whole experience of it. I appreciate the fact how the ideology of “nouvelle cuisine” approaches gastronomy by giving value to presentation, plating, colors, produce, flavors and plates, which I like to think as the frames of a dish. This is what feeds my creativity. My relationship with Restaurant Grön started actually by accident. I ran into Lauri and an old friend of mine. After a while chatting with them, ceramics came up. We picked a date for a meeting instantly.

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Mikko Haveri – Mushroom-hunter, berry-picker

One could describe me as a ”forest man” in it’s very concrete way. I have foraged mushrooms and berries to Grön for two falls now. Ever since I was a kindergartener I have been foraging almost obsessively. I have a graduate diploma of Forest Science. I also did a special vocational examination on product supervision concentrating on collected produce. About ten years ago, when I was on my parental leave and the season for boletes was full on, I got an idea of serving mushrooms for everyone in need. Yeah, that was it. I knew Toni and Lauri from their previous job places, to where I also delivered my “catch”. I started co-working with Grön when Toni and Lauri asked for salted mushrooms the fall 2015.


Merja Nieminen – Gardener

I am a gardener and an artist working at the Långötorp farm. About ten
years ago, when we bought the place with my partner we thought we would
only grow vegetables for ourselves. Now, because we got “a little”
excited, our garden has grown considerably. We grow organically about
hundred different species of vegetables and herbs. We are grateful to be
surrounded by the beautiful archipelago and to be able to take care of
the soil. Making art and having a garden represent different sides of
the same phenomena, they are both encouraging and motivating due to
their endless possibilities and the changing nature inherent to them. I
noticed Toni’s pictures on Instagram and thought that something really
wonderful is happening. The minute Grön opened it’s doors I called
Toni. He actually knew our produce from earlier when he was working at
restaurant Sundman’s, where we delivered at the time.